Image Component Library (ICL)
Here is a list of all modules:
 Time and Timer Support Classes and Functions
 Special Exceptions
 Support Functions for Multi-Threading
 Random Number Generation fuctions and classes
 General purpose Utiltiy Classes and Functions
 Programm Argument Evaluation Functions
 XML Pasing and Creation Environment
 String Manipuation Functions
 ICL's Function Class and Creation Functions
 Fundamental Data Type Definitions
 Linear algebra classes and functions
 Common Data Type Definitions
 General Utility and Support Functions
 Image Classes and Support Functions
 Collection of Unary Operations
 Collection of Binary Operations
 Collection of Affine Image Operations
 Collection of Neighborhood Operations
 Collection of Inplace Operations
 Other Classes
 LibDC1394-2 based IEEE-1394 Camera Grabber and Control API
 Common File-I/O Utility Functions and Classes
 Plugin-based File-Writer and File-Grabber implementation
 List of all provided Grabber implementations
 grabbers for movie file sources
 Video 4 Linux based grabbesr
 Gigabit Ethernet (GIG-E) based grabber
 "Most common classes"
 "GUI Component Handle classes"
 "Uncommon classes (internally used)"
 Region Detection Package
 Color Blob Searcher API (template based)
 Position Tracker template class
 Utility classes and Functions
 FiducialDetector plugins