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icl::io::GenericImageOutput Class Reference

Generic Sink for images. More...

#include <GenericImageOutput.h>

Inheritance diagram for icl::io::GenericImageOutput:
icl::io::ImageOutput icl::io::ImageCompressor icl::utils::Uncopyable

Public Member Functions

 GenericImageOutput ()
 Null constructor. More...
 GenericImageOutput (const std::string &type, const std::string &description)
 Create and initialize. More...
 GenericImageOutput (const utils::ProgArg &pa)
 Create from given program argument. More...
void init (const std::string &type, const std::string &description)
 initialize this instance More...
void init (const utils::ProgArg &pa)
 initialization method (from given progarg) More...
void release ()
 releases the internal plugin (after this, isNull() returns true again!) More...
virtual void send (const core::ImgBase *image)
 sends a new image More...
bool isNull () const
 returns whether this instance was already initialized More...
const std::string & getType () const
 retusn current type string More...
const std::string & getDescription () const
 retusn current description string More...
virtual void setCompression (const ImageCompressor::CompressionSpec &spec)
 sets the implementations compression options More...
virtual CompressionSpec getCompression () const
 returns the implementation's current compression type (result.first) and quality (result.second) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from icl::io::ImageOutput
virtual ~ImageOutput ()
 virtual destructor More...

Private Attributes

std::string type
std::string description
utils::SmartPtr< ImageOutputimpl

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from icl::io::ImageCompressor
Header uncompressHeader (const icl8u *compressedData, int len)
 only decodes an image header More...
Header createHeader (const core::ImgBase *image, bool skipMetaData)
 creates a header for a given image (not data will be null) More...
 ImageCompressor (const CompressionSpec &spec=CompressionSpec("none"))
 Creates an image Compressor with given compression mode. More...
 ~ImageCompressor ()
 Destructor. More...
utils::Time pickTimeStamp (const icl8u *compressedData)
 this can help to find out wheter the data is new and must be encoded More...
const CompressedData compress (const core::ImgBase *image, bool skipMetaData=false)
 encodes a given image into the compressed code More...
const core::ImgBaseuncompress (const icl8u *compressedData, int len, core::ImgBase **dst=0)
 decodes the given byte segment More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from icl::utils::Uncopyable
 Uncopyable ()
 Empty base constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Generic Sink for images.

Like the GenericGrabber, the GenericImageOutput provides a string-configurable interface for arbitrary image sinks.

Supported Backends

Supported Backends are:

Image Meta Data

Only a few backends do actually support sending also image meta data. So far, this is only supported by the RSB and by the shared memory backend, however, we plan to add this feature at least for the .icl-file core::format. The corresponding GenericGrabber backends for these types are also able to deserialize the images meta data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

icl::io::GenericImageOutput::GenericImageOutput ( )

Null constructor.

icl::io::GenericImageOutput::GenericImageOutput ( const std::string &  type,
const std::string &  description 

Create and initialize.

See also
icl::io::GenericImageOutput::GenericImageOutput ( const utils::ProgArg pa)

Create from given program argument.

Member Function Documentation

virtual CompressionSpec icl::io::GenericImageOutput::getCompression ( ) const

returns the implementation's current compression type (result.first) and quality (result.second)

Reimplemented from icl::io::ImageCompressor.

const std::string& icl::io::GenericImageOutput::getDescription ( ) const

retusn current description string

const std::string& icl::io::GenericImageOutput::getType ( ) const

retusn current type string

void icl::io::GenericImageOutput::init ( const std::string &  type,
const std::string &  description 

initialize this instance

void icl::io::GenericImageOutput::init ( const utils::ProgArg pa)

initialization method (from given progarg)

bool icl::io::GenericImageOutput::isNull ( ) const

returns whether this instance was already initialized

void icl::io::GenericImageOutput::release ( )

releases the internal plugin (after this, isNull() returns true again!)

virtual void icl::io::GenericImageOutput::send ( const core::ImgBase image)

sends a new image

Implements icl::io::ImageOutput.

virtual void icl::io::GenericImageOutput::setCompression ( const ImageCompressor::CompressionSpec spec)

sets the implementations compression options

Reimplemented from icl::io::ImageCompressor.

Member Data Documentation

std::string icl::io::GenericImageOutput::description
utils::SmartPtr<ImageOutput> icl::io::GenericImageOutput::impl
std::string icl::io::GenericImageOutput::type

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